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    Dehp Type Pvc Field

    The applications of PVC compound include disposable infusion (liquid) equipment or precision transfusion (liquid) appliances,light-proof infusion set,hemodialysis series,anesthesia and respiratory circuit series,nutrition bags,blood bags,suction tubes,and Yanke tube.

    With the increase of population aging and the rising of chronic diseases,the medical services market has continued to grow.Medical PVC compound has gradually become one of the important raw materials for medical supplies and equipment.

    In particular,since the 21st century,kidney disease has become one of the major hazards of human health,and hemodialysis is the current and the next few decades of end-stage renal disease (uremia) the main means.Hemodialysis therapy equipment is made up by the dialysis machine,dialyzer,blood circuit and other components,including dialysis and blood circuit for medical plastic made of medical supplies.

    After years of efforts,China's medical plastics industry is gradually to the high-tech,high-end,high-quality direction,product upgrading,industrial upgrading significantly.Many companies launched needle,PTCA,Strengthen the catheter intubation,analgesic pumps and various types of anesthesia supplies products,etc.; these enterprises will inevitably bring about the upgrading of China's medical plastics industry to enhance.

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