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    Non-pvc Field

    Non-PVC product applications include TPE precision blood transfusion (fluid) appliances,PP Corrugated breathing circuit,PP expandable breathing circuit,large infusion combination cover and interface.

    Traditional medical PVC type products have been sold in domestic and foreign markets for more than 20 years.And in the process of long-term use of this traditional material,domestic and foreign markets have slowly raised the product level,and even gradually began to eliminate PVC material in some important use of medical field.The most direct change can be reflected in the domestic infusion industry.The domestic infusion industry has been widely used polypropylene (PP) plastic bottle instead of the original PVC infusion bag from 2000,and the past two years it has been promoted three-layer film,five-layer film to replace the original plastic bottle package.In foreign countries,the material of implantation and long-term exposure to the body has also been gradually upgraded from the PVC material to TPE,TPU and other biocompatible materials.

    From the perspective of long-term development of the medical industry,medical TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) in the high-end market to replace PVC material is an inevitable trend; from the downstream production enterprises,TPE type of products can help customers achieve efficiency; from the final consumer demand,the product is also more secure and welcome.

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