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    Welcome to Changzhou Teamlong Medical Polymer Co., Ltd website! CHINESE| Tel: 0519-88671333/0519-85520888
    2021-08-31 15:11:36
    Company name change statement

    Dear partners:

    Thank you for your continues support and trust in TEAMLONG!

    TEAMLONG Brand was found in 1994 and has a history nearly 30 years.In order to better adapt to market changes and build a more professional medical grade polymer production base, our company’s name “Jiangsu Yabang Teamlong Polymer Co.,Ltd” is officially changed to “Changzhou Teamlong Medical Polymer Co.,Ltd”. The originally signed contract remains valid, and all the cooperative relationship keep unchanged.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.Our group will continue to provide you with high-quality medical raw materials and comprehensive technical support.

    If any questions, please feel free to contact us:

    -by email: sales@team-long.com

    -by tel: 0519-85520888

    Inspired by innovation;Based on quality;Guaranteed by service.
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